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Rockabilly Dress – WIP

I have decided to dip into the world of Fashion design, starting off with a wonderful Rockabilly inspired dress. Planning to learn Fashion due to my interest gained from my current paid Job, I looked into buying a mannequin. I would have gone for a full-sized one, but felt it would have been creepy to see in the corner of my room.

I stumbled across this on Amazon and seeing as though I have access to Amazon Prime and the free 1 day delivery I get with it, I decided to order this whilst on my way home from holiday. I love to design things and so when I managed to stumble upon some fabric, I ordered a 1 metre sheet of the stuff to make a dress and also the threads and tools required to make it more than just a piece of fabric.

When I saw this fabric, not only did I think that it would be something fun to play around with, but I loved the design, having it full of roses, butterflies, calligraphy and other retro- style textures, I decided if I was to make a dress out of this, it should be a retro/rockabilly theme and design to it with a little twist.

Once my tools and extra materials arrive, I shall be finishing off this dress design and going onto other projects, I am enjoying the process so far and plan on designing more clothing items and dresses in the future. I am also considering investing in an adjustable/modular tailors mannequin so I can make bigger sized dresses and thus be able to make custom sized dresses on demand (No idea how I could make a plus-size dress using a UK size 8/10 mannequin.) 

I hope you liked my work so far, I shall be creating an update post once I have finished off this dress.

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